Our BJCG Team

BJCG’s Directors are all experts at establishing and managing businesses in China. All worked for larger consulting or legal firms in China for many years before forming BJCG, having identified a niche market for the provision of value-for-money, hands-on, practical consulting services to clients in China.

BJCG’s staff are all bilingual, have a long-term commitment to the market, and are based in China to build and maintain effective business networks, and stay close to the latest trends and developments in this fast-changing cultural and commercial environment.

  • Mr Edward Smith (Managing Director)
    Mr Smith is a highly experienced business consultant, and fluent in Mandarin. He has worked for the Australian Government and in the private sector in China for over 10 years.
  • Ms Cecilia Fan (Director and Managing Consultant)
    Ms Fan has a strong media background and extensive experience across a range of industries in China. She holds a Master of Finance and MBA from Australia.
  • Ms Xue Ting (Director and Legal Counsel)
    Ms Xue holds legal qualifications from both China and Australia and has extensive experience with commercial agreements in Hong Kong and China
  • Mr Oliver Zhu (Director and Manager of Tianjin Office)
    Mr Zhu holds a Bachelor of International Trade from Beijing International Studies University and has in-depth knowledge of international trade, retail, supply and logistics issues in China.
  • Ms Joanna Gong (Director of PR & Media)
    Ms Gong holds an MBA from the Communication University of China and a Bachelor’s degree in English from Beijing Jiaotong University with many years of experience in PR and Media Relations.
  • Ms Stephanie Dunn (Senior Project Manager)
    Ms Dunn holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney. Formerly an economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), she has strong experience in the financial industry in China.



Edward Smith (Managing Director)

Edward holds a Bachelor of Information Systems degree from Monash University in Melbourne, and studied towards a BA majoring in Chinese language, history and politics at Melbourne University. He studied Chinese at the Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute and was later awarded an Australia-China Council funded scholarship to complete a post-graduate Diploma in Chinese Studies from the Johns Hopkins Centre at Nanjing University.

Between degrees, Edward held positions with the National Australia Bank in Melbourne, the Australian Embassy in Beijing, and the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) in Guangzhou. He later worked with a leading US consulting company in Beijing, advising leading international companies on market entry and marketing operations strategy relevant to the China market.

In 2000, Edward co-founded the Beijing Consulting Group (BJCG). Under his leadership, BJCG has grown rapidly, and assisted numerous overseas organisations to establish themselves in China, and restructure existing operations to improve efficiency and achieve growth.

Edward served on the Board of Directors of the China-Australia Chamber of Commerce (AustCham) from 1999 to 2008, serving as Deputy Chair from 2002 to 2007, and Chair of the Education and Training Committee between 1999 and 2005. He was also an active member of the Government Relations & External Relations Committees.

Edward also served from 2004 to 2009 on the Board of Directors of LaiTe (Beijing) Electric & Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd. (from 2004-2009), a joint venture manufacturer of power-saving lighting equipment, which is distributed across China and exported to a number of countries.

Edward is a founder and committee member of the Australia China Alumni Association, which is supported by most of the Australian public universities as well as the Australian Government.


Cecilia Fan (Director and Managing Consultant)

Ms Fan is a co-founder of the Beijing Consulting Group, and speaks fluent English and Mandarin Chinese.

Cecilia holds an MBA from Mt. Eliza/University of Queensland, a B.A. from the Beijing Broadcasting Institute and a Master of Applied Finance degree from the joint Tsinghua University/Macquarie University program.

Her work experience is diverse and includes stints in media production, working for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, managing the Australian Government’s Trade office (Austrade) in Jiangsu, and working as a freelance consultant, trainer and coach.

Having lived in northern, eastern and southern China, she has developed an extensive network of government and business contacts which are used for providing effective and efficient solutions for clients.

Cecilia has worked on a broad range of tasks in her 10+ years consulting career, including undertaking market research, business re-structuring, strategic advice, marketing and negotiations for Rockwell Automation, Lexmark (Printing), Universal Studios, Livestock Improvement Corp. (one of the largest genetic improvement companies in the world), Rishworth Aviation (the largest aviation recruitment firm in Asia) and the Department of Education, Services and Training of Australia.

Cecilia has worked extensively with the University of Queensland, advising them on trends in the China market, strategic planning, partnerships, government relations and research links. She has also assisted the University of Technology Sydney with establishment of their new office in Beijing, including all aspects of the registration, and recruitment of staff. More recently Cecilia has led the BJCG team tasked with raising Swinburne University’s profile in China, working extensively with Swinburne’s senior executive team and media unit.

Cecilia is actively involved in a number of Australian university alumni groups in China, and has written a regular column in “Australia-China Connections” magazine for the last 3 years – the premiere Australia-China business publication – covering business philosophy and cultural differences in business practice in China.


Xue Ting (Director and Legal Counsel)

Ms. Xue obtained a Bachelor of Law from the Beijing Economic and Trade University. She started practicing law in China in 1994 and in 2000, she was amongst the first group of lawyers who obtained a license to practice law in the stock/securities field in China. In 2002, Ms. Xue studied at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, where she obtained her Masters of International Commercial Law.

Ms. Xue has specialized in commercial disputes and court cases across a broad range of industries, especially construction project disputes and has enjoyed success with a number of prominent government and commercial cases. She has acted as legal counsel to a number of foreign companies, covering a wide range of legal fields.

Ms. Xue is a co-founder of the Beijing Consulting Group. She speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and good English.


Oliver Zhu (Director and Manager of Tianjin Office)

Oliver Zhu holds a Bachelor of International Trade from Beijing International Studies University. As a Chinese entrepreneur, Oliver has developed in-depth knowledge of international trade, retail, supply and logistics issues in China. In addition, he has obtained first-hand experience in mergers and acquisitions, joint venture negotiations, and developing and operating green field manufacturing facilities.


Joanna Gong (Director of PR & Media)

After almost ten years in the industry, Ms. Gong has developed extensive marketing, strategy and PR experience across a wide range of sectors in China, including: IT, media, education and public, as well as the automotive industry. Ms. Gong has worked on a number of promotional campaigns in China with leading Chinese and international brands such as Microsoft, Samsung, HP, Tencent, Yili and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Ms. Gong holds an MBA from the Communication University of China and a Bachelor’s degree in English from Beijing Jiaotong University. She is fluent in Chinese and English.

Stephanie Dunn (Senior Project Manager)

Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Economics with first class honours from the University of Sydney. She began her career as an economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), where she acquired a detailed knowledge of global financial markets and the Asian economy, with a particular emphasis on China. Stephanie also worked as a foreign exchange and commodities analyst while based in Sydney. Prior to joining the RBA, Stephanie worked for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Beirut, Lebanon.

In her previous role as a senior research manager for a financial research firm in Beijing, Stephanie worked closely with senior Chinese bankers and regulators and gained a strong understanding of China’s finance sector.

Stephanie has strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and speaks English, French and Chinese.