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Market Entry

Market Research & Due Diligence

  • BJCG conducted in-depth market research and surveying of end-users over three cities for a major German car manufacturer, in relation to new electronic features (including GPS).
  • BJCG successfully delivered a research project to a third-party payment provider in the banking sector to identify major competitors in China, their strengths and weaknesses, potential partners and market trends.
  • BJCG has delivered numerous due diligence reports to a wide range of clients seeking information on Chinese companies as well as individual entrepreneurs.

Establishment of Operations

BJCG has assisted a number of organizations successfully set up WFOE structures in China:

  • A world leader in wool fibre innovation and a major global supplier of wool products worked with BJCG to establish a USD $30 million processing plant in Southern China, enabling them to be closer to their customers and take advantage of lower operating costs. BJCG was contracted to:
    • Obtain all the required import / export, processing, and quota licenses
    • Assist with site selection,
    • Undertake WOFE business registration and manage other project related matters including: infrastructure construction, service provision, construction permits, equipment importation and tax matters;
    • Negotiate all the land and utility contracts,
    • Assist in the selection of construction contractors,
    • Arrange for a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
    • Provide translation services
  • Since 2005, BJCG has aided and Australian industry leader in the design and installation of high-tech irrigation systems, by identifying business and project opportunities in the Chinese market, liaising with local suppliers, manufacturers and technical personnel as well as conducting market research to gain a better understanding of market conditions. On the back of continued business growth, BJCG assisted this company to successfully establish a service WOFE in Beijing to allow them to write contracts locally and accept payment in RMB. This involved handling all business licence and registration procedures and providing advise on legal and financial matters.
  • BJCG has been instrumental in working with the Australian government, AustCham and leading Australian Universities to form and manage a Not-for-Profit Alumni Association for Chinese students who have studied at Australian Universities. Operating nationally, this Association seeks to provide ongoing support in terms of networking and career development to the many thousands of Alumni scattered across China. It also promotes Australian education through high profile networking events and the profiling of successful alumni in the media.

Below are just a few examples of some of the many Representative Offices BJCG has assisted clients to establish across China:

  • BJCG assisted a world-famous Australian architectural firm with establishment of its Beijing representative office and China operations, and with raising their profile in China through the media. BJCG also assisted them to set up a financial structure, which allowed Chinese clients to pay them offshore.
  • BJCG assisted a medium sized Melbourne architectural practice to structure its China operations, complete company registration, select its office site and undertake lease negotiations. BJCG also provided outsourced accounting and HR services and advice on payments and invoicing while the company was expanding into China and consolidating its growth.
  • BJCG helped a well-known Australian agricultural trading company establish a Representative Office in Beijing, which enabled them to employ staff and more quickly identify business opportunities in China.
  • BJCG assisted the government of a major city in Australia to conduct a review of its shared Representative Office arrangements and then helped them through the process of converting to their own, more independent and tax free Representative Office. BJCG assisted with the re-registration of the city’s Tianjin Representative Office.

BJCG can help review various business models to ensure you select the option most suited to your needs. Below is an example of our involvement helping a client establish a successful FICE structure in China:

  • BJCG assisted a US manufacturer of industrial automation sensor mountings establish a FICE in China, to enable this firm to import and distribute its range of US made products, sign sales contracts locally, and accept payments in RMB. This structure has also enabled them to import and export products directly, without having to work through an import / export agent. BJCG assisted by:
    • Advising on the FICE’s location,
    • Negotiating rental and other agreements
    • Providing administrative, accounting, logistical and other support during the FICE’s early operational period.

Local Representation

Some of the clients we currently represent, or have represented in the past include:

  • Since 2004, BJCG has been providing this Australian English Language testing services company with ongoing administrative, sales and customer relations services, as well as marketing for the client across China. This has enabled them to better tap into the huge market of Chinese students wanting to study in Australia.
  • BJCG provides ongoing assistance to a leading New Zealand company working in the agricultural sector. BJCG have helped develop their China market entry strategy, build sales and marketing capabilities in China, and prepare for establishment of a Joint Venture investment. BJCG has also undertaken detailed due diligence studies of several possible acquisition targets.
  • A world-leading aviation personnel recruitment company sought BJCG’s assistance in establishing a presence within the Chinese market. Since 2005, as this company’s local representative, BJCG has successfully managed their entry into the booming Chinese aviation market by:
    • Identifying and liasing with Chinese customers;
    • Negotiating crew leasing and other business contracts;
    • Managing the testing, registration and other administration of crew members upon their arrival in China;
    • Offering support services for crew members during their time in China.
  • BJCG managed an Australian your development program in China for AusAID, and helped substantially grow the program over a 2½ year period, from two participants each year, to 20 participants each year. This involved offering language training and cultural awareness sessions and providing in country support to participants.
  • BJCG assisted an Australian firm in the promotion of internship programs for highly qualified and skilled young Chinese to study and work in Australia.
  • BJCG assisted a niche Australian software publishing company to identify possible buyers of their English language teaching software, and advised the company throughout contract negotiations.
  • BJCG assisted a consortium of private investors (including senior Lehman Brothers principals in Japan) who had invested in a US construction technology company, to find a Joint Venture partner to manufacture and lease their patented construction scaffolding systems in China. BJCG also assisted with business development and contract negotiation.
  • BJCG worked with this leading Australia-China business publication to provide on the ground sales and marketing support, and assists with identifying new distribution opportunities in China.


Operational Support

Tax, Financial & Legal Advisory Services

Through its team and associate offices, some of the many clients BJCG has assisted with these services include:

  • An award winning Australian provider of online document management and web collaboration systems for the construction industry. This involved training staff to gain a rapid understanding of China’s labour laws and helping them merge their standard employment contracts together with local best practice contracts for the employment of expatriate and local PRC staff.
  • A Tasmanian state-funded educational organization: BJCG assisted by conducting due diligence and providing legal advice on the extension of their joint venture contract with their Shanghai education partner.
  • A well known Architectural firm: BJCG advised on their office rental contract, provided outsourced management of their accounting and compliance for the first six months of operations, trained their staff to take over the running of these systems, and drafted key legal contracts for a major project.
  • A leading Australian provider of water and irrigation services: Following their establishment of a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) in China, BJCG and associates provided a full range of outsourced accounting services, including capital verification reports, monthly accounting, annual audit reports and accounting training.

Procurement (Sourcing, Manufacturing & Distribution)

BJCG has worked with a wide range of firms to source products from China, assisting them to identify, visit and negotiate with suppliers, arrange the logistics for shipping goods, and conduct quality control before the products ever leave China. Some of the projects BJCG has undertaken include:

  • Assisting the Australian branch of a multinational Japanese trading house with the sourcing of industrial products, and with contract manufacturing of medical tools.
  • Assisting an Australian manufacturer and retailer with the sourcing of material and with the contract manufacturing of their patented packaging products, which were exported from China for sale in Australia.
  • Assisting a Melbourne-based firm with the sourcing of high quality volume printers for high-end retail packaging. BJCG helped this firm shortlist and meet printers, assisted them to commission print projects, conducted quality control inspection work, and exported the finished products.


Marketing & Promotion

  • BJCG has assisted a major retail brand in Australia to sell to a niche market in China through developing multiple sales and marketing channels.
  • BJCG has directly marketed both pilot and engineer training services to the aviation sector.
  • BJCG has provided strategic advice to a world top 50 university regarding their engagement in China, including branding, objectives and key research collaborations.

BJCG’s team has also assisted firms to establish or review their sales and distribution networks in China, including:

  • Assistance for this Australian firm to identify, shortlist and meet with potential agents, and advice as they negotiated a distribution agreement with two distributors in China. Sales of their industrial tools in China grew rapidly as a result.
  • After assisting this niche US manufacturer of industrial automation sensor mounting equipment to set up a FICE structure in Shanghai, BJCG assisted them to identify and sign agreements with distributors.
  • BJCG staff assisted this US manufacturer of Zip drives and CD-Rom drives to conduct a major survey of client satisfaction and purchasing channels, meeting with users, distributors, and retailers across China. The client was provided with detailed information and advice on how to improve their distribution and sales channels in China.
  • BJCG staff assisted this major US printer and ink cartridge manufacturer to review their pricing and distribution strategy and channels in China vis-à-vis their competitors, providing highly valuable information and advice.


Event Management

BJCG’s team has vast experience with arranging visits and meetings at the highest levels, whether for government officials, business representatives, or celebrities. Below are some of the meetings and events we’ve arranged in the past:

  • BJCG arranged high-level meetings for this Queensland energy group with Chinese Government officials and companies in the energy sector. BJCG set up the meetings, translated presentation materials and attended and assisted at the meetings as advisors and interpreters.
  • BJCG organized the first Ministerial level forum between the Australian and Chinese Ministries of Agriculture in September 2003 with over 200 attendees from Australia and China.
  • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: BJCG won a competitive tender to organize a series of ‘Australian Film Festivals’ across China in 2005. This involved raising sponsorship, venue selection, event promotion and celebrity guest attendance.
  • When the Governor of the State of Victoria visited China on a fact-finding tour, BJCG was contracted to arrange meetings with the Chinese Minister of Education and the Beijing Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG),provide briefings prior to meetings and scheduled activities, organise weekend sightseeing activities, and interpret during business meetings.
  • BJCG organized a number of successful sales seminars for an air transport industry leader, to facilitate the introduction of their revenue protection products and services to clients in the airline industry in China.