Operational Support

Learn more about our Operational Support services below:

Tax & Financial Advisory Services

Legal Advisory Services

HR Management Services Procurement (Sourcing, Manufacturing, Distribution)


Using our China market experience and staff’s expertise, we provide tailored solutions to improve the performance of your existing China operations.


While the type of assistance required may vary significantly depending on the nature of the client’s China operations, BJCG is able to provide support in many areas including:

  • Advice on company restructuring (such as distribution and internal operations);
  • Operational reviews and strategic advice;
  • Competitor analyses and market research;
  • Communication with local management on the client’s behalf, including representing the client during board meetings.


Following establishment of the business, BJCG and its associates can take care of many of the administrative, bureaucratic, and regulatory requirements, while you focus on growing the business.

BJCG and associates can:

  • Help you manage business relationships with local government and private enterprises;
  • Provide outsourced accounting, legal, HR and IT services through our associate offices;
  • Assist you in communicating with local management to ensure nothing is lost in translation.