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China has come a long way in the last thirty years, but where are the gaps? Cecilia Fan discusses whether China’s growth is sustainable, and where there may be room for improvement.

Doing business in China is never simple, as Rio Tinto exec Stern Hu found out the hard way. Corporate standards differ across cultures, something foreign companies ought to remember, even when the going is good.

Cecilia Fan looks at some of the cultural reasons behind why Chinese staff are often reluctant to speak up about work issues and offers some techniques to counteract it.

The management styles present in traditionally Chinese companies are a far cry from the management theory taught at top Western business school, but is it totally obsolete? Cecilia Fan argues that there may be some aspects of Chinese people management worth keeping in modern enterprises

When does something real become counterfeit? Cecilia Fan discusses the blurred line between real and fake when it comes to educating China’s workforce.

According to estimates, there are almost 20 million entrepreneurs in China – almost equal to Australia’s total population. But why and how do Chinese entrepreneurs differ significantly from their overseas counterparts?

China has a reputation worldwide for being a low-cost destination for everything from pharmaceutical research to the manufacture of consumer goods. But is China a low-cost destination for all foreign businesses? Cecilia Fan explores some of the hidden costs of doing business in China.

Not being able to speak Chinese might be a problem but hiring the wrong interpreter will make matters worse. While having an interpreter can be a simple solution to overcoming the language barrier, it is important to be aware of and avoid some common mistakes.